San Luigi Institute

The Sisters of Providence and Immaculate Conception have been living in the area of Montemario (Piazza Monte Gaudio and surrounding areas) since September 1865, by order of Pope Pio IX in order to supply  less fortunate children with an education, teaching them to read, write and learn about Christian values. 
Living in the country side, away from the centre, these children had the possibility of receiving an education thanks to the help and providence of the Sisters.

pope benedetto xvDuring the following years, after  the first World War, Pope BENEDETTO XV had a hospital built in that same area - the San Luigi Hospital – for children suffering from the tragic consequences due to the war. He chose Montemario  because of its ideal climate conditions: sun and fresh air – a panacea for respiratory illnesses.

In 1920, by workings of providence, this building was given to us  Sisters.  We didn’t have enough space to accommodate all our students and this opportunity resulted in being a true godsend. We therefore opened a school – a boarding school – for girls in need.
Up to 2011 the San Luigi Institute included maternal, elementary and junior-high classes. However, due to a significant loss in religious powers, the flourishing of public schools nearby and the need of a full restoration, the idea of turning the Institute into a holiday home, gradually took place. The San Luigi Holiday Home was finished in 2014.

Its location, amongst the tranquility and simplicity of Nature is a tempting invitation to come and visit this isolated – but very central – holiday home. It is in fact situated at a short distance from:

- San Pietro
- The Colosseum
- San Giovanni in Laterano
- And other main touristic attractions by using public transport.

"On behalf of all the Sisters here at San Luigi, we wish all our guests a very pleasant stay."
                                                                                                                   Suore della Provvidenza e dell'Immacolata Concezione